Inazuma Eleven

File:Inazuma Eleven.jpgInazuma Eleven  is a role-playing sports video game for the Nintendo DS developed and published by Level-5. It was released on August 22, 2008 in Japan. A European release was confirmed by Nintendo and was released on January 29, 2011, three years after the Japanese release. The UK release was held back to 26 August 2011 for marketing reasons.
Since the game's launch, it has received two sequels for the Nintendo DS; Inazuma Eleven: Firestorm / Blizzard and Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen" "[also known in english version - Inazuma eleven 3 - 'The Ogre']" , as well as two spin-offs for the Wii; Inazuma Eleven Strikers and Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 XTreme. The third sequel to the main series, which takes place 10 years after the events of the third game, Inazuma Eleven GO, is available on the Nintendo 3DS. An Inazuma Eleven manga based on the games began serialization in CoroCoro Comic on May 15, 2008, while an anime based on the games, produced by OLM, started airing on October 5, 2008. Mitsui has also created a collectible card game tie-in. The game served as the debut of a pop idol group, Twe'lv.



The main character, Mark Evans , is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japan, who supposedly died before Mark was born. Even though his skills and enthusiasm are incredible, his school lacks a real soccer club, as the six other members don't appear very interested even in training. One day, when a mysterious forward named Axel Blaze moves to Mark's town, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team. There are nearly 1000 playable characters with varying skills that will determine the success of the team. As you play through the story, Mark can recruit various characters on the team and help achieve his ultimate goal of competing!

Gameplay game is split into two parts: one resembles an RPG, featuring various locations that Mark and his team have to explore in order to get new items, face several other players in short casual battles or to advance further in the story. The second part is the actual match: using the stylus, the player moves the soccer team around against the opposing team. The player can dodge opponent's attacks, slide-tackle to take the ball away, or use a special ability available to the characters they recruited to kick, steal and catch the ball. The result of any of his players actions are determined by seven skills, the player's affinity, and the total number of players participating in an action. Special abilities can not only be stopped with other abilities, meaning that they will most of the time win against basic tactics but not always. Super shots and Super keeps play simultaneously, which means that unlike defending the ball they always consume


 Mark Evans

Mark Evans
and Toramaru, scoring the winning point against Little Giants. In the Inazuma Eleven movie he can use  Mamoru Endōu , known as Mark Evans in the English dub, is the Captain of Inazuma Japan and Raimon Eleven, usually playing as Goalkeeper. Often seen wearing his trademark headband, Mamoru Endou is a soccer-loving, cheerful goalkeeper and captain of the Raimon Junior High Soccer club, the "Raimon Eleven". He never gives up and always thinks of others before himself. Since he was young, he has held great admiration toward his grandfather, Daisuke Endou, and studies the technique-filled notebooks that his grandfather wrote years ago. Because of his positive personality, he manages to bring out the best in other Soccer players, whether they are an ally or foe. His teammates benefit from his mental strength and encouragement and respect him despite his carefree attitude. Endou constantly trains himself in order to face new opponents and increases his stamina by catching a gigantic car tire tied to a tree. Many girls like Aki and Natsumi show some romantic interest in him but he is too naive to understand their feelings. He helps Little Gigant, as Garshield returns with a new team. His special techniques include God Hand which later evolves into Shin God Hand(True God Hand), Nekketsu Punch (Fireball Knuckle) which later evolves into Shin Nekketsu Punch(True Fireball Knuckle) in the match against Team-K, Bakuretsu Punch (Blazing Knuckle), Inazuma Ichigo (Inazuma-1), Inazuma Ichigo Otoshi (Inazuma-1 Drop), Inazuma Break, Tri-Pegasus, The Phoenix, Majin the Hand, Seigi no Tekken (Fist of Justice which is now G5), Megaton Head (which is now G3), Death Zone 2, The Earth with Goenji and Fubuki, Ikari no Tetsui (Hammer of Wrath which is now v2), ljigen the Hand (Outer Dimension The Hand) which evolves into ljigen the Hand Kai (Ijigen the Hand Remastered) which later evolves into Shin Ijigen The Hand (True ljigen The Hand) and later learns God Catch [which is now G5] in the match against Little Gigante. He does Jet Stream with Gouenji Omega The Hand. He graduates from Raimon after FFI. In Inazuma Eleven GO, which takes place 10 years after the original series' end, he replaces Kudou as the coach of Raimon Eleven in Episode 6 of Inazuma eleven GO. In Episode 18 of Inazuma Eleven Go, it is shown that Natsumi has become his wife (Endou Natsumi). He has a character song named "Mamotte Miseru!" (I'll Protect It!). He is voiced by Junko Takeuchi in the Japanese version and Maria Darling in the English version.

Shūya Gōenji  (Axel Blaze)

Shūya Gōenji , known as Axel Blaze in the English dub, is a Forward for Raimon and Inazuma Japan. Gouenji is the quiet, collected ace striker of the team with spikey hair and a cool disposition. At his previous school, Kidokawa Seishuu Junior High (Kirkwood in the English dub), Gōenji was the top Soccer player of his club and took his place in the Football Frontier. His little sister, Yūka, was unfortunately in a car accident (which was planned for by Gouenji's opposition) while on the way to his big match and was hospitalized soon after. Feeling responsible, he keeps an amulet made by his sister and makes a promise to stop playing soccer until she wakes up. However, when he realizes that his passion for the game still beats in his heart, he changes that promise to becoming the champion of the Soccer Frontier and joins the Raimon Eleven thanks to some persistence by Endou. He becomes close friends with Endou and the team as the story progresses. His special techniques are the Fire Tornado which later evolves into Fire Tornado Kai (Fire Tornado Remastered), Bakunetsu Storm (Fireball Storm), and then Shin Bakunetsu Screw (True Fireball Screw). He also forms a combo technique with Kabeyama called Inazuma Otoshi (Inazuma Drop), one with Endou called Inazuma Ichigo (Inazuma-1) and a combination of the two called the Inazuma Ichigo Otoshi (Inazuma-1 Drop). Additionally, he performs a combination technique with Toramaru called Tiger Storm, another technique with Fubuki Shirō called Cross Fire, and has a 3-man technique with Toramaru and Hiroto called Grand Fire [which is currently G2]. He does Jet Stream with Endou and Toramaru, scoring the winning point against Little Gigante. In the Inazuma Eleven movie, he can use Maximum Fire and together with Kidou Prime Legend . He graduates from Raimon after FFI. He saved Matsukaze Tenma from injury some time in between after leaving the team [since he kept on messing up the game against Gemini Storm] and before his return [to fight and eventually win against Epsilon] in the Aliea Academy arc, as revealed in the first episode of Inazuma Eleven GO. He has a character song named "Honoo no Riyuu". Unfortunately Ishido Shuuji, the master and current Holy Emperor of Fifth Sector is none other than Gouenji Shūya Himself as revealed in episode 24 by Endou Mamoru, later in the go series he reveals himself to be an intergrue at fifth sector, to protect soccer. In the episode before the last one Gouenji was revealed not as the master of the Fifth Sector but as the normal Gouenji Shuya

Yūto Kidō (Jude Sharp)ūto Kidō , known as Jude Sharp in the English dub, is a Midfielder for Raimon and Inazuma Japan. A genius Soccer strategist who wears goggles and a red cape, originally from Teikoku (Royal) Academy Junior High School. As the protégé of Reiji Kageyama, he was forced to win 3 consecutive soccer championships in order to be with his sister again and until then, cuts off all contact with her for 6 years. After a match with the Raimon Eleven to see who will compete in the Footbal Frontier and seeing Kageyama's wrongdoings, he and the rest of the Teikoku Soccer Team quit. Kidou later joins Endou's team, switching to a new blue cape and becomes the team's valuable strategist. His special technique is the Illusion Ball (later evolved into True Illusion Ball). His Combination techniques are the Inazuma Break with Endou and Gouenji, Koutei Penquin No.2 (Emperor Penguin No.2), Twin Boost (with Ichinose), Death Zone (with Endou and Domon, which later evolved to Death Zone 2), Killer Fields with Fudou and Emperor Penguin No.3 [which is currently G3] with Sakuma and Fudou. Kidou does the hissatsu shoot with Fubuki and Hiroto; called Big Bang. He Graduates from Raimon after FFI. In Inazuma Eleven GO he appears as Royal Academy's Coach with Sakuma as his assistant. Then he is found to be the part of Resistance along with Michiya Kudō. Later on, he joins Endou Mamoru as Raimon Eleven's Trainer. He has a character song named "Hitomi no Naka no Shouri" (The Victory Within the Eyes). He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino.

Shirō Fubuki (Shawn Frost)

Shirō Fubuki , known in the English dub as Shawn Frost, is a Defender and Forward for Hakuren, Raimon Eleven, and Inazuma Japan. Shirou is the captain of Hakuren (Alpine) Junior High School's Soccer club in Hokkaido. He is kind, thoughtful, responsible and lovable. He is talented in skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, soccer and is a bear killer. He is both an excellent defender as well as the team's ace striker. He joins the Raimon Eleven during their visit to Hokkaido in order to defeat Aliea (Alius) Academy. On their way to find new members to defeat Aliea Academy, the Raimon Eleven are shocked that Fubuki Shirou is very popular around girls. Fubuki often uses his looks to charm the girls to reveal any information for the team. Owing to a terrible accident with an avalanche as a child, Fubuki is morbidly afraid of the sound of falling snow as well as the sound of thunder. His parents and little brother Atsuya (Aiden) were unfortunately killed in the avalanche, but saved Fubuki at the last moment by pushing him out of the car. Since the accident, Fubuki developed a split personality of his brother whenever he plays offense during Soccer matches. He wanted to become a perfect Soccer player and believed that he could only do so if he "became" his brother (his father's comments right before the avalanche accident led him to believe this). After defeating Gemini Storm, with the help from Fubuki, who has amazing defensive and shooting abilities, the world is saved, or so they think. They realize Gemini Storm is only a second-rank team, and here comes Epsilon. The first battle with Epsilon was a disaster. They met True Teikoku Academy led by Kageyama Reiji. In that battle with Teikoku, Someoka sustained a foot injury and was forced to leave the team. Someoka leaving the team has effected Fubuki's condition, which has gotten worse. During the second match with Epsilon, they manage to tie the score with Fubuki's Eternal Blizzard. But Fubuki is not satisfied to have only a tie with them. They found out there is still Genesis Team to defeat. During that match, Fubuki has lost his mind and tried to block Hiroto's Ryuusei Blade and ends up getting injured and sent to the hospital. In the hospital, Raimon Eleven found out about Fubuki's terrible incident from his past, found out that Fubuki has two personalities within himself. He realized that what his father meant was that he could be perfect only if he played alongside his teammates. Soon, he broke free from both his trauma and his twin brother's personality, merging himself and his brother's spirit as one thus growing stronger as well. His special techniques include the Eternal Blizzard (more powerful when Atsuya (Aiden) does), Wolf Legend (Legendary Wolf), Ice Ground (land Of Ice), and Snow Angel. He performs combination shoots with Gouenji and the others' techniques such as Crossfire with Gouenji (which later evolves into Crossfire Kai (Crossfire Remastered), Thunder Beast with Hijikata, Wyvern Blizzard with Someoka and The Hurricane with Kazemaru. Fubuki does a powerful hissatsu shoot The Earth with Goenji and Endou. Later Fubuki becomes a member of Inazuma Japan for the FFI. However his leg is badly injured in a match with Korea's Fire Dragon during the Asia finals. Due to this injury, he is taken off the team. He returns after his injuries are healed to replace the then injured Kurimatsu. He does a new combination technique with Hiroto called The Birth against Brazil's team the Kingdom. Fubuki does a very powerful hissatsu shoot with Hiroto and Kidou, called Big Bang. Fubuki also does Koutei Penguin No.2 with Kidou and Ichinose. He has a character song named "Ice Road".In GO, he is the coach of the team hakuren only was under the influence of fifth sector. He went to endou for help later in episode 25 GO. Then later on, Shirosaki, who is apart of fifth sector, found Fubuki at night on the field alone. He then introduce Yukimura, Fubuki's successor, to be a seed. Yukimura thought that Fubuki betray him and Hakuren. Fubuki explain that fifth sector separate them apart. In episode 27 go, Yukimura finally realize that Fubuki didn't lie. Fubuki and Yukimura shake hands. After that Fubuki told endou something that make him startled. Fubuki Shirou is voiced by Mamoru Miyano.

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO (イナズマイレブン  Inazuma Irebun GO, lit. "Lightning Eleven GO") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tenya Yabuno. It is based on the Level-5 video game series of the same title. The manga has been published by Shogakukan in CoroCoro Comic. anime television series based on the game aired on the TV Tokyo network from May 4, 2011. The series was produced by Level-5 in conjunction with TV Tokyo and OLM.



Set 10 years after the first anime Inazuma Eleven, the soccer system is destroyed and matches a choose even down to the point scoring.
A boy called Matsukaze Tenma loves soccer. However, it is being controlled by Fifth Sector and he is highly against it. In the first episode, he wants to join the Raimon soccer club, but upon arrival, a mysterious team crushes the Raimon soccer club, including the second team. All the second team leaves and Tenma is tested before he joins the team. Now with his new friends, he and Raimon go against soccer being rigged by Fifth Sector and is determined to defend his soccer honor. 

 Chrono Stone

After Tenma returns from Okinawa from tutoring the local children about soccer, he returns to Raimon, only to discover that the soccer club has never existed. Alpha, a person who comes from El Dorado, a organization from the future hell-bent on destroying soccer, tries to erase Tenma's soccer memories. With the assistance of Fei Rune and Clark Wonderbot, both came from the future, Tenma with his friends must defeat El Dorado in order to return soccer to the world.








Football Frontier International Vision 2(FFI V2) is being held, and all the best school soccer teams gathered in hope to gain a place in Shinsei Inazuma Japan, Japan's new national soccer team. But things are getting out of control when instead of skilled players, 8 soccer players who are new to soccer are selected, along with Tenma, Tsurugi and Shindō. The team is deemed to be a failure by both audience and Shindō himself, so what is happening? Will Shinsei Inazuma Japan be able to shine on the world stage, or is it too bad to even win a match?



The Inazuma Eleven manga series, based on the video game series of the same name, was written and illustrated by Tenya Yabuno. It began publication in the June 2008 issue of the Shogakukan magazine CoroCoro Comic.

Anime television series

Opening songs
  1. Ten Made Todoke! (eps 1-18), by T-Pistonz+KMC
  2. Naseba Naru no sa Nanairo Tamago (eps 19-33), by T-Pistonz+KMC
  3. Ohayou! Shining Day (eps 34-47), by T-Pistonz+KMC
Ending songs
  1. Yappa Seishun (eps 1-18), by "Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)"
  2. Kanari Juujou (eps 19-33), by "Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)"
  3. Hajike-Yo!! (eps 34-47), by "Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)"
Opening songs (Season 2/Chrono Stone)
  1. Jounetsu de Mune ATSU (eps 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 & 17) by T-Pristonz+KMC
  2. Kandou Kyouyuu! (eps 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 & 18) by T-Pristonz+KMC
  3. Shoshin wo KEEP ON (eps 19-35) by T-Pristonz
  4. Raimei! Blue Train! (eps 36-) by T-Pristonz
Ending songs (Season 2/Chrono Stone)
  1. Natsu ga Yattekuru (eps 1-18) by Sorano Aoi (CV:Katihara Sayaka)
  2. Te wo Tsunagou (eps 19-35) by Matsukaze Tenma (CV:Terasaki Yuka), Tsurugi Kyousuke (CV: Takashi Oohara) & Sorano Aoi (CV:Katihara Sayaka)
Opening songs (Season 3/Galaxy)
  1. Gachi de Katouze (eps 1-?) by T-Pristonz+KMC
Ending songs (Season 3/Galaxy)
  1. Katte ni Cinderella (eps 1-?) by Sorano Aoi (CV:Katihara Sayaka) and Morimura Konoha (CV:Yūki Aoi )

Anime films
The first animated film, Inazuma Eleven GO: Kyūkyoku no Kizuna Gurifon (イナズマイレブンGO 究極の絆 グリフォン), premiered in Japanese theaters on December 23, 2011.
The July issue of Shogakukan's Monthly Corocoro Comic magazine is revealing an Inazuma Eleven GO vs. Danbōru Senki W film on Friday. More details will be in the following Monthly Corocoro Comic issue on July 14.
Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stone (イナズマイレブンGO クロノ・ストーン) is the latest anime television series based on Level-5's Inazuma Eleven soccer role-playing games. It premiered on April 17.
Danbōru Senki W is the second anime television series based on Level-5's Danbōru Senki "near-future, plastic-model-building role-playing game." It premiered on January 18. Dentsu Entertainment USA announced in August that it is bringing the first Danbōru Senki anime television series to the United States under the name Little Battlers eXperience.

List of Inazuma Eleven characters

Ichirōta Kazemaru Swift (風丸 一郎太 Kazemaru Ichirōta) is a Defender and Midfielder for Raimon Eleven and Inazuma Japan. Kazemaru is the fastest player on the Raimon Eleven soccer team and has brown eyes and blue hair held back with a ponytail, with long bangs covering side of his face. He also acts as the team's side captain outside the game. Originally a member of the track club team, Kazemaru is convinced by Endou to play on the soccer team for their match against Teikoku. Kazemaru is finally convinced by the promise of fighting a lot of stronger players, as well as Endou's fighting spirit when he bares witness to the goalkeeper's intense training. From their on, Kazemaru becomes a close friend to Endou and a key player for the Raimon soccer team. Later on, during the constant battles against Aliea (Alius) Academy, Kazemaru begins to doubt himself and gains a thirst for power to defeat Raimon's strongest opponents. For a brief while, he leaves the team but later resurfaces in "Dark Emporers", or a team that challenges Endou for becoming the top players. The Aliea (Alius) Rock gives him power. It is broken by Endou's God Hand, and he later returns to the team in the FFI arc. His special techniques are the Shippu Dash (Flurry Dash), Bushin Defense (Clone Defense) (with the power of the Alius rock), Dark Phoenix (with the power of Alius rock), Banana Shoot (Hissatsu Tactic), Fuujin no Mai (Dance of the Wind God), Honoo no Kazamidori (Fire Rooster) in combination with Gouenji, Tatsumaki Otoshi (Tornado Fallen) with Kabeyama and The Hurricane with Fubuki. He Graduates from Raimon after FFI. He has a character song named "Mai Agare!" (Let It Soar!) and also has a part in the song "Mata Ne... No Kisetsu" along with Endou, Gouenji, Kidou, and Fubuki. He is voiced by Yuka Nishigaki.

Heigorō Kabeyama Heigorō (壁山 塀吾郎 Kabeyama Heigorō), known as Jack Wallside in the English Dub, is a Defender. The large, sheepish Defender of the Raimon Eleven and one of the original members of the Soccer club. Despite his shy nature and constantly having to go to the bathroom at crucial moments, Kabeyama cares very much about the Raimon team and strives to become a powerful defender. In tough times, Endou helps Kabeyama overcome his fears, causing him to hold great respect for his captain. In the match against Nosei (Wild) Junior High he and Gouenji perform a move called the Inazuma Otoshi (Inazuma Drop) and a combination of the two called Inazuma Ichigo Otoshi (Inazuma-1 Drop). Later he masters a defensive technique on his own, The Wall. Later on, during a match with Fire Dragon from Korea he creates an upgraded defensive technique called The Mountain and Tatsumaki Otoshi (Tornado Falls) with kazemaru. He is voiced by Megumi Tano.

Ryūgo Someokaūgo Someoka (染岡 竜吾 Someoka Ryūgo), known as Kevin Dragonfly in the English dub, is a Forward. Someoka is the grumpy self-proclaimed "original" ace striker of the team Raimon Soccer club. Because of this pride he holds, Someoka has trouble getting along with Gouenji and Fubuki, who later both join the Raimon Eleven as his fellow ace strikers. Thanks to Endou's words of support, Someoka eventually learns to accept the other newcomers to the team and even develops some combination techniques with him, but hurts his leg and is removed. He resurfaces in Dark Emperors, and Fubuki helps him realize who he was, as well as Endou's God Hand. He later returns in the FFI arc. His special techniques are the Dragon Crash, Wyvern Crash and the Dragon Slayer, and his combination techniques are Dragon Tornado with Gouenji and Wyvern Blizzard with Fubuki, which he suffers an injury from while developing and is forced to leave the team behind for a short while. He Graduates from Raimon after FFI.He is seen as the coach of an Italian pro-team. He is the master of Nishiki Ryouma. He returns from Italy to watch the match of Raimon against Kidokawa in Episode 30. He is voiced by Yasuyuki Kase.

Asuka Domon Domon (土門 飛鳥 Domon Asuka), known as Bobby Shearer in the English dub, is a Defender. A tall, lanky Defensive player who grew up in America as a child with his friends Aki and Ichinose. He stopped playing Soccer early on due to a car accident with Ichinose, but picked up the game again after moving to Japan as a teenager. Originally, Domon works as a spy for Teikoku Academy under orders from Kageyama to keep tabs on the up-and-coming Raimon Eleven soccer team. After an incident with the team's first coach being revealed as a spy, Domon comes clean and is quick to leave, but Endou defends him and keeps Domon on the Raimon Eleven from there on out. Eventually, Domon takes his leave and comes home to America where he joins the national soccer team "The Unicorn" alongside Ichinose. His special techniques are the Killer Slide (which later evolves into Shin Killer Slide (True Killer Slide)) and Volcano Cut, while his combination techniques are Death Zone 2 with Endou and Kidou, The Phoenix with Endou and Ichinose and The Icarus with Mark in the FFI arc. He is voiced by Jun Konno.

Kazuya Ichinose Ichinose (一之瀬 一哉 Ichinose Kazuya), known as Erik Eagle in the English dub, is a Midfielder. Ichinose a Japanese-American who grew up in the US with his childhood friends Domon, Aki and Nishigaki. As an Elementary schooler Ichinose was already a well-known soccer player until the day of a horrible car accident that hospitalized him for several years. Aki and Domon later moved to Japan under the impression that Ichinose had died, but through rehabilitation treatment, he was healed and went to Japan to visit his old friends. On his first day there, he plays against the Raimon Eleven and is soon invited by Endou to join their team for the Football Frontier matches. Later on, after the defeat of Aliea (Alius) Academy, Ichinose moves back to America and joins the national team "The Unicorn" alongside Domon. He enters the Football Frontier International and finally gets to play his desired match against Endou and his team. However, during the match, Endou, Domon, and Aki learn that Ichinose must soon receive another surgery procedure because of his injuries from the car accident years ago still affecting his body. Afterward, Ichinose is forced to fly back to America and get treatment. His special techniques include the Spinning Shot, Spiral Shot, Pegasus Shot and Flame Dance(which later evovles into flame dance remastered). His combination techniques are the Tri-Pegasus with Endou and Domon which later evolves into The Phoenix, Twin Boost with Kidou and later shares the move Gran Fenrir with Dylan and Mark. He is voiced by Yūki Kaji.

Jin Kageno Kageno (影野 仁 Kageno Jin), known as Jim Wraith in the English dub, is a Defender. Kageno is a tall, dark and soft-spoken boy who joins the Raimon Eleven when Endou is out looking for new players. His reasons for joining were to "prove his existence" to people through joining an after-school activity. He has a strange aura surrounding him and a deep, echoing voice that disturbs even his teammates. Kageno turns out to be a valuable asset to the team, especially when developing special techniques, including his help lent to Kazemaru and Gouenji while mastering the Honoo no Kazamidori (Fire Rooster). His individual techniques include Coil Turn and he also has his Creepy Technique and he does a technique with Sugimori from Brainwashing Academy called Dual Smash (with the power of Alius rock). He graduates from Raimon after FFI. He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura.

Ayumu "Shōrin" Shōrinji "Shōrin" Shōrinji (少林寺 歩 Shōrinji Ayumu, known as Tim "Timmy" Saunders in the dub, is a Defender. One of Endou's teammates from the original Raimon Eleven and one of the shortest out of the team. He practices Shaolin Kung-Fu and incorporates his martial arts and agility into his soccer moves. His special techniques are Kung Fu Header and Whirlwind Twisterand Shooting Star with the assistance of Shishido. He is voiced by Masako Jō.




Shin'ichi Handa'ichi Handa (半田 真一 Handa Shin'ichi), known as Steve Grim in the English dub, is a Midfielder. His original techniques are rolling kick and he also does Revolution V with Max (with the power of the Aliea Meteorite). Another of Endou's teammates from the members of the soccer club, acting as a horrible striker depending on what the situation calls for. He is the most "plain" of the group, usually having the least to say during the story, but is always ready for a match. His special technique is abc 123 . He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.



Sakichi Shishido Shishido (宍戸 佐吉 Shishido Sakichi), known as Sam Kincaid in the English dub, is a Midfielder. Shishido is another one of Endou's teammates from the original Raimon soccer club. He has a large, red afro and lots of spirit. Shishido is versatile when it comes to playing soccer and often does little of everything. His special technique is called Grenade Shot. He is voiced by Tōru Nara.




Kūsuke "Max" Matsuno
Kūsuke "Max" Matsuno (松野 空介 Matsuno Kūsuke), known as Maxwell "Max" Carson in the English dub, is a Midfielder. Max is a boy who attends Raimon Junior High and meets Endou while looking for new members to join the soccer club. He claims to join the team at first merely as a way to "cure his boredom" but turns out to enjoy the sport and stays with the team all the way to the Football Frontier. He's never seen without his trademark striped plush hat with cat ears. His individual special moves are: Cross Drive, Quick Draw. He also knew a combination move together with Handa called Revolution V (with the power of the Aliea meteorite). He is voiced by Yūki Kodaira.

Teppei Kurimatsu Kurimatsu (栗松 鉄平 Kurimatsu Teppei), known as Tod Ironside in the English dub, is a Defender. Kurimatsu is another one of the original members of the Raimon soccer club, a short, buck-toothed boy with a speech quirk, often saying "deyansu" ("actually") in every sentence. Though often one with a negative attitude and a shaky disposition, Kurimatsu is a skilled soccer player and has remained with the Raimon Eleven for quite a while. His special techniques are Dash Accelerator, Monkey spin and Maboroshi Dribble (Phantom Dribble) Together with Shishido and Kazemaru he had a combination move called Triple Boost in the Dark Emperors team. He becomes the new captain of Raimon junior high in the end after the graduation of Endou, Goenji, Kidou and others. He is voiced by Miho Hino.




Kakeru Megane Megane (目金 欠流 Megane Kakeru), known as William "Willy" Glass in the English dub, is a Forward and Manager. He also has a move called Glass Crack were someoka uses dragon crash and then he headers it into the goal, he named it after his glasses cracked. Megane is a bespectacled pretentious boy who attends Raimon Junior High, who offers to join the soccer club by Endou's request, but only in the event of them needing one last member, so he feels he can be the "hero" that saves the day at the last second. During the match against Teikoku Academy, he shows his true colors and runs off in the middle of the game and abandons his uniform, but allows for Gouenji to take his place and pull Raimon out of the fire. With Gouenji officially on board, Megane joins the team permanently and plays alongside Raimon for quite a while. His running joke throughout the series becomes the self-appointed name-giver of the Raimon Eleven, giving cool titles to all of the player's special techniques. Later, during the Football Frontier International, he becomes a manager alongside Aki, Otonashi and Fuyuka. Funnily enough, he also has a younger, sportier twin brother named Kazuto who, while better at sports than him, is very emotional. He is voiced by Nanae Katō.

Keita Kakuma Kakuma (角馬 圭太 Kakuma Keita?), known as Chester Horse Jr. in the English dub, is a Commentator. A student at Raimon Junior High originally from the Shogi Club who became the commentator for the Soccer Club ever since the exhibition match between Teikoku and Raimon. Kakuma also has a habit of appearing randomly anywhere before a match starts, claiming he is such a big fan of the Raimon Eleven that he go anywhere to commentate on their matches. His father is a commentator for the Football Frontier and the Football Frontier International Asian Preliminaries. He is voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima.

Aki Kino Kino (木野 秋 Kino Aki), known as Silvia Woods in the English dub, is a Manager. Aki is a young girl from America who moves to Japan and attends Raimon Junior High, where she becomes good friends with the soccer club captain, Mamoru Endou. Since the beginning of the soccer club, Aki acts as the team manager and keeps the boys in order. She's a big supporter of Endou's spirit. It's later revealed that she played soccer as a little girl in the US, but gave up the game after her childhood friend Ichinose was in a horrible car accident. She also meets her other childhood friend, Domon. When Ichinose appears in Japan and joins the Raimon Eleven team, she sees remarkable similarities in both him and Endou. She also has a crush on Endou. In Inazuma Eleven GO she owns and runs an apartment where Tenma lives. It is implied in episode 3 [of Inazuma Eleven GO] that she has been receiving long-distance phone calls from America, possibly from Ichinose. She is the coach of Akizora Challengers. She is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa.


Haruna Otonashi Otonashi (音無 春奈 Otonashi Haruna), known as Celia Hills in the English dub, is a Manager. Otonashi is a cute, peppy girl with red-framed glasses and short hair who works for the Raimon Junior High newspaper. After interviewing Endou and Aki for their first big match against Teikoku Academy, Otonashi becomes such a big fan that she enlists herself as a second manager alongside Aki. It's later revealed she is the sister of Teikoku soccer team's captain, Yuuto Kido, but hasn't had any contact with him for 6 years until he resurfaces as Raimon's biggest rival. After the rematch between Raimon and Teikoku, Kidou is freed from Kageyama's influence and Otonashi is reunited with her brother. Later on, she also acts as a motherly figure towards Kogure, relating to his absence of parents from a very young age. She is also kidnapped after she wears a bracelet given to her by Touko. However after her brother rescues her by playing a match and winning she escapes. In Inazuma Eleven GO she is a teacher and assistant to the Raimon Soccer Club. She is soccer advisor for soccer team. She is voiced by Hinako Sasaki.

Natsumi Raimon Raimon (雷門 夏未 Raimon Natsumi?), known as Nelly Raimon in the English dub, is a Manager. Natsumi is a beautiful red-haired upper-class girl and the school president of Raimon Junior High. She is the daughter of the School Chairman, Yuuichiro Raimon and will often "speak for him" while dealing with the principal and vice principal of Raimon Junior High. At first, she seems very much against the Raimon soccer club and is dead-set on disbanding it, often setting challenges for them to overcome with the threat of being shut down if they fail. After a few matches, Natsumi sees major potential in their team and becomes the third manager after Aki and Otonashi. She also develops romantic feelings for Mamoru as the story progresses. Later on it is revealed that she becomes Little Gigant's manager, because she realizes she is no longer needed by Inazuma Japan. However, after a match between Team Garshield and Inazuma Japan, she returns as manager. In Inazuma Eleven GO Episode 18, it is revealed that she has married Endou. She is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi.

Fuyuka "Fuyuppe" Kudō "Fuyuppe" Kudō (久遠 冬花 Kudō Fuyuka), known as Camelia Travis in the English dub, is a Manager. A young girl who transfers to Raimon Junior High after the defeat of Aliea (Alius) Academy, by way of her adoptive father, Michiya Kudou. After Natsumi travels overseas, claiming to be studying abroad, Aki and Otonashi had brought Fuyuka into the fold and taught her the ropes of being a manager for the Raimon soccer team. As a little girl, Fuyuka was close friend of Endou's in Elementary school. But her parents were killed in a car accident, leaving Fuyuka as the only survivor and put into a tremendous state of shock. Eventually, the hospital put her under hypno-therapy to wipe her memories clean and place Kudou as her new father. Knowing Endou was a childhood friend of hers, Kudou becomes the new coach of the Inazuma Japan national team and hopes that Endou will bring out the secrets of Fuyuka's past. She later remembers her past and find out she's happy how she is. In Inazuma Eleven Go she is a nurse in a hospital.
She is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.

Seigō Hibikiō Hibiki (響木 正剛 Hibiki Seigō), known as Seymour Hillman in the English dub, is a Coach and Goalkeeper. Hibiki is an old noodle-cooker who runs a ramen shop in Inazuma Town. Previously, he was the goalkeeper of the original Inazuma Eleven and a close friend of Mamoru Endou's grandfather, Daisuke Endou. The first original user of God Hand. After the Raimon Eleven's previous coach, Suguru Fuyukai was revealed to be a spy working for Kageyama to sabotage their rival team, Natsumi fires the fraud and the team becomes in need of a coach for the Football Frontier. Through some persistence by Endou, Hibiki eventually gives in and becomes the Raimon Eleven's go-to coach. Later on, Hibiki hands over the reins to Hitomiko Kira and then Michiya Kudou as his replacements, partially due to his old age, but more so to present new challenges for the Raimon team and better prepare them for fiercer competitions, including the Football Frontier International. Later on in Inazuma Eleven Go he is the boss of The Recistence. He is voiced by Kinryū Arimoto.

Hitomiko Kira Kira (吉良 瞳子 Kira Hitomiko), known as Aqualina "Lina" Schiller in the English dub, is a Coach. Hitomiko is a cold, professional woman who takes over as coach for the Raimon Eleven during the attack of Aliea (Alius) Academy, of which she is obsessed with stopping. Her goal is to prevent any further harm by the Aliea (Alius) soccer teams wreaking havoc on Japan, so Coach Hibiki enlists her as his replacement and Hitomiko becomes the head of the Inazuma Caravan. She is incredibly strict and to the point with Endou's team, but the captain seems to understand her feelings and obeys her decisions throughout their travels across the country. It is later revealed that her goal of stopping Aliea (Alius) Academy ties back to her father, who is responsible for the attacks and commander of the Aliea (Alius) teams. She is responsible for making fubuki fight for battles, even though she knew that fubuki has to suffer. But than she realize with the team's help that human bonds are stronger. After the defeat of Aliea (Alius) Academy and the players of the teams are freed from her father's influence, Hitomiko vanishes and Hibiki is given back coaching duties for the Raimon Eleven. Later on, Hitomiko is approached by former Aliea (Alius) Academy player Osamu Saginuma, to form a new team that will take over as Japan's representatives in the upcoming Football Frontier International. This newly formed team with Hitomiko as the coach becomes "Neo Japan". She is voiced by Junko Kitanishi.

Daisuke Endō Endō (円堂 大介 Endō Daisuke), known as David Evans in the English dub, is a supporter and Goalkeeper. Mamoru Endou's Soccer-Superstar grandfather. Years ago, he was a member of the original "Inazuma Eleven" soccer team and then acted as the coach for the Raimon Junior High soccer club. He was thought to have been killed in a car accident set up by his vengeful rival, Reiji Kageyama, but upon inspection of the incident, turns out to have escaped from his life. With his daughter's family in danger of Kageyama's attacks, Endo leaves the country under the guise of being dead, but is discovered to be residing somewhere on Soccer Island where the Football Frontier International is being held. It is later revealed that Garshield was the one who wanted him to die so that he could control the world and controlled Kageyama to kill him. He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino.



Michiya Kudō Kudō (久遠道也 Kudō Michiya), known as Percival Travis in the English dub, is a Coach. He is the new coach of Inazuma Japan from season 3 onwards in the FFI tournament. He put Endou on bench in the march versus Fire Dragon due to him not understanding his responsibilities as a captain. he is mostly strict when it comes to the team but very caring. He is the adoptive father of Ono Fuyuka. He is responsible for guiding inazuma Japan to victory in the FFI. Ten years later in Inazuma Eleven GO, he is the coach of the Raimon Eleven but forced to resign for going against Fifth Sector. Now-a-days he is the part of Resistance against the Fifth Sector.He is voiced by Touchi Hiroki.

Terumi "Aphrodi" Afuro "Aphrodi" Afuro (亜風炉 照美 Afuro Terumi), known as Byron Love in the English dub, is a Forward. Aphrodi and the former captain of Zeus Junior High, a team that Raimon Eleven faced in the Soccer Frontier final. At first Aphrodi and his team are shown to be under the control of Kageyama, drinking a tainted water called "God's Aqua" that greatly increases the physical ability of the drinker. Endou's team manages to defeat the Zeus soccer team in the final match and opens Aphrodi's eyes to the truth, breaking him away from Kageyama's control. Later, he joins the Raimon Eleven in their first match against the diamond dust, a team of Aliea (Alius) Academy, helping them out a great deal against their strongest opponents, until he suffers a leg injury and is hospitalized until after Aliea (Alius) Academy's defeat. Afterward, he joins the Korean national team "Fire Dragon" and played against Inazuma Japan in the Finals of the Asian Preliminaries. His techniques include God Knows (later evolved to True God Knows), Heaven’s Time and God Break. He also has a combination technique with Suzuno and Nagumo called Chaos Break. In Inazuma Eleven Go he appears as the coach of Kidokawa Seishuu and a part of fifth sector. He is voiced by Yūko Sanpei.

Tōko Zaizen!.pngTōko Zaizen (財前 塔子 Zaizen Tōko), known as Victoria "Tori" Vanguard in the English dub, is a Defender and Midfielder. Touko is a peppy, pink-haired girl and the daughter of Japan's Prime Minister, Sousuke Zaizen. She's a huge fan of all things including soccer and is captain of the "SP Fixers" (Secret Service) secret agent team. During the threat of Aliea (Alius) Academy, her team is called into investigate the cause. Touko and the Eleven In Black run into the Inazuma Caravan and suspect Endou and his crew of being with the Aliea (Alius) teams. An incredible match takes place and Touko, attracted to Endou's spirit and love of the game, joins the Inazuma Caravan in their efforts to stop Aliea (Alius) Academy's destructive crusade. Her special technique is The Tower and she also does Butterfly Dream with Rika then later develops a combination technique with Kogure and Tsunami called the Perfect Tower. She is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki. She later becomes the main protagonist of the movie's spin-off Touko Zaizen's Saves the Day (2009) and Once Upon a Touko Zaizen (2011).

Yūya Kogureūya Kogure (木暮 夕弥 Kogure Yūya), known as Scott "Scotty" Banyan in the English dub, is a Defender. Kogure is a short, cheeky troublemaker from Manyuuji (Cloister Divinity) Junior High in Kyoto. He's a talented soccer player, but was often kicked out of the team due to his prankster habits and lack of trust towards his teammates. The Inazuma Caravan visits his school during their travels and the Aliea (Alius) Academy team "Epsilon" threatens to destroy Manyuuji if they can't defeat them. After some interaction with Haruna and rethinking his attitude, Kogure wishes to join the Raimon team and help them defeat Aliea (Alius) Academy. He stows away on the caravan and becomes a longtime member of the team, using his impressive agility and shoulin kung fu skills during the game. Kogure's most noted technique is Senpuujin (Whirlwind Force), later does a technique with Touko and Tsunami called The Perfect Tower. In Inazuma Eleven GO, he appears as the captain of Akizora Challengers comprising adult tennis players. He is voiced by Nami Miyahara.

Rika Urabe Urabe (浦部 リカ Urabe Rika), known as Suzette "Sue" Hartland in the English dub, is a Forward. Rika is dark-skinned, blue-haired sassy girl and the captain of an all-girls Soccer team in Osaka called Triple C. She works at an Okonomiyaki restaurant with her mother and first appears when the Raimon Caravan comes to Osaka believing that Aliea (Alius) Academy had a hidden base somewhere in a local amusement park here Rika lives. She,comes across Ichinose and immediately falls head-over-heels for him, claiming him to be her "Darling" husband after he eats her "Lovey-Dovey-Dish" which was just a simple Okonomiyaki that she made. After defeating her team and reclaiming Ichinose, she joined the Inazuma Caravan to help them against their second match with the Aliea (Alius) Academy team, Epsilon. After their match with Epsilon, Rika decides to stay on the team hoping to be with Ichinose. Her techniques include Rose Splash (Bed Of Roses) and Tsutenkaku Shoot (Steeple Shot) and later does a combination technique with Touko called Butterfly Dream (Butterfly Trance). She joins Touko on cheering for the Raimon team during the FFI Asia Preliminaries and eventually comes to visit Soccer Island to see the main tournament. She is voiced by Fujiko Takimoto.

Yūki Tachimukaiūki Tachimukai (立向居 勇気 Tachimukai Yūki), known as Darren Lachance in the English dub, is a Goalkeeper and Midfielder. Tachimukai is a young boy from Yokato (Fauxshore) Junior High in Fukuoka. Originally a midfielder for his school's soccer team, he eventually switches to being a Goalkeeper due to his admiration and deep respect for Endou. While visiting his school, Tachimukai asks to join the Inazuma Caravan and help them defeat Aliea (Alius) Academy. Like Endou, Tachimukai is a talented goalkeeper and learns many of the same special techniques as his idols, including God Hand and Majin The Hand (In blue). He later learns an ultimate technique from Endou's notebook called Mugen The Hand which evolves to grade 2, 3 and then 4 all in the same match against The Genesis and later develops his own technique, Maou the Hand (Which is now G5). He is voiced by Shinnosuke Tachibana.

Jōsuke Tsunamiōsuke Tsunami (綱海 条介 Tsunami Jōsuke), known as Hurley Kane in the English dub, is a Defender. Tsunami is a cool, sun-tanned teenager from Okinawa who loves surfing more than anything. While visiting Okinawa, Endou and the team meet Tsunami while he's surfing and saves Megane from drowning after he accidentally went overboard on the boat they were on. They come across Tsunami again while practicing and he decides to join in on the game just for fun. He proves to be an excellent player and shocks the crew when he reveals that he's never played soccer before. While practicing with Endou's team, he creates a special technique and felt a sudden devotion to the sport. He immediately joins the Omihara (Mary Times) Junior High Soccer club to develop his skills even more. Tsunami's team plays a practice match with the Inazuma Caravan team only to be interrupted by Team Epsilon of Aliea (Alius) Academy. He joined the team to help with their match against Team Epsilon and from then on stays with the team to help them defeat Aliea (Alius) Academy. Tsunami's special techniques are Tsunami Boost, The Typhoon and The Tube (Hissatsu Tactic). He also learns a combination technique with Kogure and Touko called The Perfect Tower. He is voiced by Shūhei Sakaguchi.

Toramaru Utsunomiya Utsunomiya (宇都宮 虎丸 Utsunomiya Toramaru), known as Austin Hobbes in the English dub, is a Midfielder and Forward. Toramaru is an Elementary School student and the best soccer player in his district. Because of his young age, he is exempt from joining the Football Frontier and playing professionally, but later is brought in by Coach Hibiki to join Japan's national team, "Inazuma Japan". During the day, Toramaru helps part-time at his sickly mother's restaurant, making deliveries all day long that cut into his Soccer practice. When he's chosen to represent Japan for the Football Frontier International, he becomes a valuable player for Endou and his friends. He especially looks up to Gouenji, and eventually Tobitaka as role models. His special techniques are Gladius Arch, Tiger Drive and RC Shoot. He does a combination technique with Gouenji called Tiger Storm and another combination technique with both Gouenji and Hiroto called Grand Fire [which is currently G2]. He does Jet Stream with Endou and Gouenji, scoring the winning point against Little Gigant. He Joins Raimon Junior High as a Forward after the FFI. In Inazuma Eleven Go, he becomes the assistant of Ishido Shuuji(a.k.a. Goenji Shuuya). He is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.

Raiden Hijikata Hijikata (土方 雷電 Hijikata Raiden), known as Thor Stoutberg in the dub, is a Defender. A Junior High school student from Okinawa who is also a part of the local soccer club. He takes care of five younger siblings, and because of this, declines Endou's invitation to join Inazuma Caravan. He and Gouenji, who at the time has left the Raimon team, meet at Okinawa and become good friends. Hijikata convinces Gouenji to return to his teammates and eventually joins up with Raimon himself to help them defeat Aliea (Alius) Academy. Later, he is brought into the Inazuma Japan national team, so his siblings are left in the care of his neighbors. Hijikata is a talented defense player, his main technique being the Super Shikofumi (Super Four-Legged Stamp), Blade Attack and Thunder Beast that later evolves to Thunder Beast Remastered in combination with Fubuki. He is voiced by Yakkun Sakurazuka.


Jirō Sakumaō Sakuma (佐久間 次郎 Sakuma Jirō), known as David Samford in the English dub, is a Forward. Sakuma is a member of the original Teikoku Academy team and a close friend of Kidou. After Kidou leaves Teikoku and joins Raimon's team, he and Genda are hospitalized during a match with Zeus Junior High and are visited by the mysterious Akio Fudou, who convinces them to join a new soccer team. Bitter against Kidou for leaving his original team, Sakuma accepts Fudou's offer and becomes part of the "Shin Teikoku" (Royal Academy Redux) soccer team, led by Kageyama. After a heated battle which ends in a tie, Sakuma collapses from overusing the dangerous "Emperor Penguin No.1" technique and is taken to the hospital again. However, before that, he apologizes to Kidou for taking things too far and they make peace, promising to play soccer together again sometime. After getting out of the hospital, Sakuma is invited to the FFI recruitment match and eventually goes to the islands with the rest of Raimon's team to represent Japan. He, Kidou and Fudou are shocked to find Kageyama there, and investigate what their old coach is up to. His techniques are the, Emperor Penguin No.1 a forbidden technique created by Kageyama, and his combination techniques are Death Zone and Emperor Penguin No.3 [which is now G3] with Kidou and Fudou. In Inazuma Eleven GO he is Royal Academy`s assistant coach with Kidou. He is voiced by Megumi Tano.

Kōjirō Genda
Kōjirō Genda (源田 幸次郎 Genda Kōjirō), known as Joseph "Joe" King in the English dub, is a Goalkeeper. Nicknamed "The King of Goalies", Genda is the longtime Goalkeeper of Teikoku Academy's soccer team. During the attacks of Aliea (Alius) Academy, Genda and his teammate Sakuma are invited to become part of Shin Teikoku Academy's (Royal Academy Redux's) soccer team and is brought back under the influence of Kageyama. After the match, Genda is returned to normal and eventually became the goalkeeper for Neo Japan, to claim the national team spot for the Football Frontier International. His special techniques are Power Shield Which evolves to Full Power Shield, Beast Fang which is a forbidden technique, Drill Smasher V2 and True Infinite Wall. He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura.


Hiroto Kiyama Kiyama (基山 ヒロト Kiyama Hiroto), known as Xavier Foster in the English dub, is a Midfielder and Forward. Hiroto is the captain of Aliea (Alius) Academy's strongest team, Gaia (receiving the title "The Genesis") and reveals himself in secret to Endou. Going under the alien name "Gran (グラン?)" (Zene), he becomes dead-set on crushing the Raimon soccer team. Though he wasn't inherently evil, Hiroto's devotion to his stepfather led him to become corrupt and carry out the orders of destruction under the guise of Aliea (Alius) Academy. After a climactic battle between the Raimon Eleven and The Genesis, Hiroto is freed from his stepfather's influence and returns to a normal life for a brief while. He is invited to join the national team, "Inazuma Japan" and from there on works alongside his former rivals for the Football Frontier Internationals. His signature technique is the Ryuusei Blade (Meteor Blade) and was able to evolve it till V3. He also performs a combination technique with Goenji and Toramaru called Grand Fire [which is currently G2]. He does a new combination technique with Fubuki called The Birth against Brazil's team the Kingdom. Hiroto does the hissatsu shoot with Kidou and Fubuki, called Big Bang and Tenkuu Otoshi(celestial smash) against Little Gigants. He is voiced by Takahiro Mizushima. He has a character song named "Star Line". Hiroto Kiyama was an orphan, later adopted by the Kira family. It is also revealed that Hiroto was not his real name; when he was adopted, his name was changed. Ten years later in Inazuma Eleven Go, he inherits his stepfather's company and changes his surname to Kira. He is voiced by Takahiro Mizushima.

Haruya Nagumo Nagumo (南雲 晴矢 Nagumo Haruya), known as Claude Beacons in the English dub, is a Forward. Haruya or Burn (バーン) (Torch) as he is called while working under Aliea (Alius) Academy, is a rebellious and fearless player with fiery red hair. He is the captain and ace striker of the Aliea (Alius) Academy Soccer team "Prominence". He has a strong hatred towards Gran because of their rank differences. Haruya first appeared in Okinawa when the Inazuma Caravan were searching for someone called the "Fire Striker" in which Endou and Kidou thought might be their missing friend Gouenji. He confronts Domon and Fubuki claiming to be the Fire Striker and challenges the team to a match to prove it. After the match, Endou nearly invites Burn to join their team, until Gran interrupts the offer and reveals Burn's true identity. When he and Gazelle (the team captain of "Diamond Dust") heard about Gran's team promotion to be the captain of Aliea's (Alius') strongest team "The Genesis", Gazelle and Burn combine their players forming a new team "The Chaos", hoping to show their leader who's stronger. During the preparation for the Football Frontier International, Haruya and Fūsuke are scouted by Aphrodi to join South Korea's national team, "Fire Dragon". Haruya's main technique is the Atomic Flare, a combo technique with Fūsuke called Fire Blizzard and a technique later with Fūsuke and Aphrodi called Chaos Break. He is voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima.

Fūsuke Suzunoūsuke Suzuno (涼野 風介 Suzuno Fūsuke), known as Bryce Whittingale in the English dub, is a Forward. Fūsuke is a calm and arrogant player from Aliea (Alius) Academy and is the team captain and ace striker of "Diamond Dust", going under the name of Gazelle (ガゼル). He seems to be intrigued by Endou's Soccer-playing skills and challenges him to one match. However, Fūsuke's team fails to score a victory thanks to Aphrodi's assistance to the Inazuma Caravan, and the match ends in a draw. Angered by what considers to be a loss, Gazelle convinces his rival Aliea (Alius) captain Burn to join forces and create a new team, "The Chaos", which challenges the Raimon team but is stopped by Gran's interruption. During the Football Frontier International, Fūsuke is invited to the South Korea team, "Fire Dragon" to compete against Inazuma Japan. His main technique is Northern Impact and later does a combo technique with Haruya called Fire Blizzard as well as a technique with both Haruya and Aphrodi called Chaos Break. In the English dub, his gender was changed male to female. He is voiced by Fujiko Takimoto.

Ryūji Midorikawaūji Midorikawa (緑川 リュウジ Midorikawa Ryūji), known as Jordan Greenway in the English dub, is a Midfielder and Forward. Midorikawa was once part of Aliea (Alius) Academy's 2nd rank team, "Gemini Storm", going under his alien name, Reize (レーゼ) (Janus). He leads his team to crush Junior High Schools all across the country by way of destructive Soccer competitions, but is eventually defeated by the Raimon soccer team. After the defeat of Aliea (Alius) Academy, Reize is returned to his original self, Ryūji. He speaks in famous quotes both under the guise of an alien and in his normal personality. He makes the cut to join Inazuma Japan for the Football Frontier International and becomes a longtime player for Endou and company. However he was later dropped out, along with Fubuki, who injured his leg and they were replaced by Someoka and Sakuma. His special techniques are Astro Break and Lightning Accelerate. He is voiced by Yuki Kodaira.

Osamu Saginuma

Osamu Saginuma (砂木沼 治 Saginuma Osamu?), known as Dave Quagmire in the English dub, is a Goalkeeper, Forward, and Midfielder. Saginuma, whose alien name is Dezarm (デザーム?) (Dvalin), was the captain of Aliea (Alius) Academy's team "Epsilon". He and his team first appeared after the Raimon Eleven defeated Gemini Storm and Dezarm, as punishment "exiles" Reize and his team. Dezarm make their first stop at Manyūji Junior High school and crush the entire soccer team's players, with the exception of Yūya Kogure. The Raimon Eleven played against Epsilon with Kogure, who was able to steal the ball and make them retreat. Later at Osaka, Dezarm and his team tied with Rika Urabe and Raimon Eleven, then Diamond Dust appeared after they were defeated. Soon afterward, in Okinawa, Epsilon reappeared with newly awakened powers and going by the moniker "Epsilon Remastered" (Epsilon Plus). There, Dezarm reveals his ability as a forward player and manages to break through Endou's newly awakened Fist of Justice technique. However, the victory is short lived as Gouenji emerges and aids the Raimon Eleven in the defeat of Epsilon Remastered. Long after the defeat of Aliea (Alius) Academy, Saginuma, who has now returned to his original self, reappears with a newly formed team called "Neo Japan", led by Coach Hitomiko. He has switched positions again, this time becoming a midfielder. He shows that he has gotten stronger, through training with the other players, who hail from various teams Raimon have faced in the past. They play against Inazuma Japan in order to take their place in the Football Frontier International, but ultimately loses in their match. His techniques are Wormhole, Drill Smasher, Gungnir, Illusion Ball Remastered, Dash Storm V2 and God Knows Remastered. He is voiced by Takashi Hikida.

Seiya Tobitaka

Seiya Tobitaka (飛鷹 征矢 Tobitaka Seiya?), known as Archer Hawkins in the English dub, is a Defender. Tobitaka is a slick punk from Raimon Town who leads a street gang and often gets into fights. He made a name for himself with his powerful kick and is discovered by Hibiki in the woods in the midst of another rumble with a rival gang. Hibiki urges Tobitaka to make "better use of that kick" and begins to teach him how to play Soccer in secret. Tobitaka gets a shot at joining the country's national team, Inazuma Japan and manages to get a spot for himself on the team. Slowly but surely, he develops his skills and even becomes a role model of sorts to the young Toramaru. He's never seen without his trademark hair-comb. His special technique is the Shinkuuma (Hollow Demon) and later evolves into Shinkuuma V2 (Hollow Demon V2). In Inazuma Eleven Go, he is the cook at Hibiki's Rairaken Restaurant. He is voiced by Nobuya Mine.

Akio Fudō

Akio Fudō (不動 明王 Fudō Akio?), known as Caleb Stonewall in the English dub, is a Midfielder. He is a player who once as a young boy was told to get stronger and more powerful by his mother. He however, misunderstood it and sided with Kageyama to create Shin Teikoku Academy (Royal Academy Redux). He later joins the good side and now plays in Inazuma Japan. His combination techniques include Killer Fields with Kidou, and Emperor Penguin No.3 [which is now G3] with Kidou and Sakuma. He was supposed to do Jet Stream with Gouenji and Toramaru, but was replaced by Endou. He is voiced by Yūki Kaji.

Edgar Valtinas

Edgar Valtinas (エドガー・バルチナス Edogā Baruchinas?)In the English dub Edgar Partinus is a Forward. He is the captain of England's national team Knights of Queen. His moves are Excalibur and Paladin Strike. He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. He is sarcastic at times.

Teres Torue

Teres Torue (テレス・トルーエ Teresu Torūe?) known as Tiago Torres in the English dub is a Defender. He's the captain of Argentina's national team The Empire. His main technique is Iron Wall. He is voiced by Junji Majima.

Mark Kruger

Mark Kruger (マーク・クルーガー Māku Kurūgā?) is a Midfielder. He is captain of America's national team Unicorn. He and Dylan are good friends and are never seen without each other.
He shares the move Gran Fenrir with Ichinose and Dylan, Unicorn Boost with Dylan 
only, and does The Icarus with Domon. He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura.

Dylan Keith

Dylan Keith (ディラン・キース Diran Kīsu?) is a Forward. He's the ace striker of America's national team Unicorn. Dylan is always seen wearing a set of blue glasses that he never takes off and is never seen without Mark. He does a combination technique with Mark called Unicorn Boost and with both Mark and Ichinose called Gran Fenrir. He is voiced by Chihiro Suzuki.

Fidio Aldena

Fidio Aldena (フィディオ・アルデナ Fidio Arudena?) known as Paolo Bianchi in the English dub, is a Forward. He is the stand-in-captain of Italy's national team Orpheus while their original captain was traveling during the Football Frontier International. When their captain came back in the second half of the match between Italy and Japan in A Group's finals, Fidio was removed from the captain's position and went back to being a forward. He is nicknamed the White Meteor due to his incredible speed. His main technique is Odin Sword, which later evolves into Odin Sword Kai (Odin Sword Remastered) and further evolves into Shin Odin Sword (True Odin Sword) in the same match. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.

Hidetoshi Nakata

Hidetoshi Nakata (中田 英寿 Nakata Hidetoshi?), known as Christopher "Chris" Nichols in the English dub, is a Forward. Nicknamed Hide by his fellow players, he is the captain of Italy's national team Orpheus. He returns to his team during the 2nd half of Italy's match with Inazuma Japan and his special technique is the Brave Shot. Hide is based on a real Soccer player from Japan, Hidetoshi Nakata, who is now retired. He is voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida.

Mac Roniejo

Mac Roniejo (マック・ロニージョ Makku Ronījo?) known as "Robinga" in the English dub, is a Forward. He is the captain of Brazil's national team The Kingdom, who is influenced by a mysterious project headed by Garshield that turns him into a ruthless soccer player at the sound of a whistle. His family is put in danger by Garshield's evil plans and strives to win the Football Frontier International in order to protect them. His signature technique is the Strike Samba [which reached V3].He is voiced by Shuhei Sakaguchi.

Rococo Urupa

Rococo Urupa (ロココ・ウルパ Rokoko Urupa?) known as Hector Helio in the English dub, is a Goalkeeper. He is the captain of the Cotarl team, Little Giganto. He trains under Endou Daisuke, the grandfather of Endou Mamoru. His moves are God Hand [red version], God Hand X, X Blast [which is now V3] and Tamashii the Hand [which evolved into G2]. He is voiced by Yuki Kaida.


Sain (セイン Sein?), known as Cress Heavens in the English dub, is a Forward. He is the Captain of Heavenly Messengers team and first appears during a practice match between Inazuma Japan and the Captains of various FFI teams, in order to kidnap Rika. Sein's team of angelic Soccer players believe that the great demon king of Liocott Island must be given a wife in order to soothe his rage, so the Heavenly Messengers stake Rika as the prize of a match with Endou and his friends. After their defeat, he and Endou come to an understanding, until Desuta brings Sein under his influence and the angel and devil teams become "Dark Angel". His special techniques are Heaven Drive and later Shadow Ray, which he shares with Desuta. He is voiced by Yuki Kaida.

Reiji Kageyama

Reiji Kageyama (影山 零治 Kageyama Reiji?), known as Ray Dark in the English dub, is a main antagonist of the Inazuma Eleven series. Kageyama is a powerful and dangerous man in the Soccer community, being one of the founders of the Football Frontier and a supposed lover of the sport...however, he is truly bitter against everything Soccer stands for. His father, once a great Soccer player himself, died when Kageyama was still a child and devastated him. Since then, he swore vengeance on Soccer and strove to ruin the sport forever with his evil plan, "Project Z". He eventually became the "commander" of Teikoku (Royal) Academy's Soccer team, using Yuuto Kidou as the captain after discovering him at an orphanage. Kageyama's strong and ruthless strategies push Teikoku Academy to the forefront of the Football Frontier, as they win year after year and leave a wake of destruction in their path, ripping apart any school that loses to a match with them. Kidou, who begins to go against Kageyama's ideals, finally turns his back on him during their match with Raimon, to which Kageyama tries to eliminate Teikoku and Raimon at once by way of a horrible accident. After the match, Kageyama leaves Teikoku and becomes the commander of Zeus Junior High's soccer team, finally making use of the dangerous Project Z on Aphrodi and the others. Kageyama disappears after the Football Frontier, but re-emerges as the commander of "Shin Teikoku Academy" (Royal Academy Redux) with Kidou's former teammates pitted against him. He disappears once again, then re-surfaces as the captain of Italy's Team, Orpheus, under the guise of "Mister K". He realizes he loves soccer through a little girl, Reshe, Fidio, and Kidou. He is later murdered by Garshield. He is voiced by Seiji Sasaki.

Bayhan Garshield

Bayhan Garshield (ガルシルド・ベイハン Garushirudo Beihan) is an antagonist in the Inazuma Eleven series. Garshield is a very dangerous man who is trying to take over the world using Soccer. He acts as the coach of Brazil's "The Kingdom" during the Football Frontier International and the true mastermind behind Kageyama's actions, as well as the stager of Daisuke Endou's supposed death. He fools the Brazilian team's fanbase into thinking he's promoting world peace through Soccer, but in fact he's revealed to not even be the true coach of the team at all. He uses Roneijo as the test subject for the RH Program", which hypnotizes him into an unstoppable Soccer player at the sound of a whistle. During the match between Inazuma Japan and The Kingdom, he's arrested by Detective Onigawara of the Japanese police and the true Coach of Brazil's team takes his rightful place. Later, Garshield escapes his arrest thanks to help of his assistant, Henktacker and uses a team of his own super-powered Soccer players to attack Liocott Island. Inazuma Japan defeats his team with some help from Daisuke Endou (Endou Mamoru's grandfather) and Natsumi and is arrested by the International Police. He is voiced by Yousuke Akimoto.

List of Inazuma Eleven GO characters

Tenma Matsukaze

Tenma Matsukaze (松風 天馬 Matsukaze Tenma legend horse Matsukaze And Heavenhorse or Pegasus is a rough translation to his english name?), known as Arion Sherwind in the English dub, is a Midfielder. He has light brown hair and big blue eyes. He is the protagonist in Inazuma Eleven GO. He is mostly called "Tenma" rather than "Matsukaze". His hair pattern is in the form of swirls to indicate his affinity to the wind. He is not very good at soccer, save for dribbling, but he shows great potential due to his ability to stand up to and stop Kyōsuke's hissatsu shoot, Death Sword, without using a hissatsu technique himself. He was inspired to play soccer after Shūya Gōenji saved him from serious injury by kicking a soccer ball the same way as does Fire Tornado and/or Bakunetsu Screw (without the visual effects), to change the trajectory of a wooden plank that was about to hit the young Tenma. He really loves soccer and is as passionate as Endou Mamoru (Mark Evans) and some noted this resemblance. He has the ability to lessen the damages his body takes by anticipating the ball's trajectory. He shows signs of having an avatar in episode 1, Tsurugi notices and tries to make it appears in episodes 18 and 19 but Tenma finally summons it in episode 20. He tries to get along well with most of his teammates, although at first he mostly annoys them. He refuses to accept Fifth Sector's system and he is often pointed as the one who started the revolution against Fifth Sector, Ishido Shuji commented upon that fact; he changed Raimon and Raimon started changing other schools. Because he gave Raimon its fighting spirit back, he was well accepted as captain when Shindo was injured and unable to lead the team. At some point he was depressive when he learn about Fifth Sector was closing schools that had revolted because he felt responsible for that but eventually Shindo helped him to recover, even after he learnt Ishido Shuji was the one that saved him when he was young. He is close friends with Shinsuke Nishizono and Aoi Sorano. He gets along with most of the team after sometime even though Kurama still teases him. During the second season, Chrono Stone, he is the only one to remember of soccer after the El Dorado's alteration of time, when his teammates do not recognize him and are in other clubs as soccer club never existed. He had a confrontation with Protocol Omega and was helped by Fei Rune that came from future to help him. Tenma traveled through time with Fei Rune and Clark Wondabat to make sure Protocol Omega would not stop Endou from creating Raimon Soccer Club. His hissatsu techniques are Soyokaze Step(Zephyr Step), Mach Wind, Spiral Draw, Wonder Trap and Aggressive Beat. In the movie, he does Evolution with Tsurugi and Shindou. He later developed an avatar called Majin Pegasus which is now evolve to Majin Pegasus Arc in episode 39. In the same episode his avatar creates an Avatar Fusion with Shindo's and Tsurugi's: Matei Gryphon. In Chrono Stone Tenma assumes the role of captain for Tenmas and Raimon, and he is a lot more comfortable with it. He was the only one to remember about soccer. He is shocked when he discovers soccer had disappeared from Raimon and travelled back in time with Fei to save Raimon's football club. Though it was successful, he realized that Tsurugi is absent but Raimon do not know him as Tsurugi Yuichi never had his incident, was never in a wheelchair, continued soccer, becoming one of Raimon sempai but Tsurugi gave up soccer so he never joined Raimon. Eventually they were able to bring back Tsurugi even though it meant Yuichi would be injured. Tenma was saddened by what it meant but was very happy to discover Tsurugi was back to Raimon club. Later on when Raimon time-travelled to King Arthur's era(in a story book) he mixi-maxed with King Arthur and gained Ou no Tsurugi(Sword of the King). When the Ragnarok tournament began, he became the captain of El Dorado Team 03 and later Chrono Storm, and was shocked that Fei was actually part of Feida(Second Staged Children's organization)and that he went back to Feida and became the captain of Garu. Eventually Fei went back to Raimon and joined Chrono Storm, which later defeated The Lagoon(Feida's last team that is led by SARU). In Galaxy, when FFI V2(Football Frontier International Vision 2) started, Kuroiwa Ryuusei did Shinsei Inazuma Japan(the Japan's representative team)'s selection, in which Tenma, Tsurugi and Shindou are the only members that were chosen from Raimon. Tenma is confused but decided to teach the other eight soccer newbies to play soccer. Being the team's captain, Tenma is especially under high pressure between Shindou(who looked down on the new members), the new members who wanted to learn and play soccer(Matatagi, Ibuki)and those who wanted to leave. He is voiced by Yuka Terasaki. He has a character song called "Soyokaze Dream!".

Shinsuke Nishizono

Shinsuke Nishizono (西園 信助 Nishizono Shinsuke?), known as Jean-Pierre "J.P" Lapin in the English dub, is a Defender. He is a very short boy who is typically seen as energetic and optimistic. He is the smallest of the team. He is a first year. He witnessed the match between Kuro no Kishidan and Raimon, he was impressed by Tenma's tenacity and the first appearance of Sousha Maestro, Shindo's avatar. Then he decided to join with Tenma. Both were able to participate in the first match in Team A but he had just begun so he was not very good, he gets better over time and eventually became the team's second goalkeeper. He is a close friend of Tenma. He is very good at jumping. His hissatsu techniques is Buttobi Jump (Full Throttle Jump) and "Majin the hand" (with his kenshin). He is close friends with Tenma Matsukaze and Aoi Sorano. He later develops an avatar called "Goseishin Titanias(Protection God Titanias)". Later on when Raimon time-travelled to Three Kingdoms Era, he mixi-maxed with Ryuu Gentoku and gain Taikoku Ouka(Great Country Eulogize). During the Ragnarok Tournament, he is goalkeeper for both El Dorado Team 03 and Chrono Storm. In Galaxy, whilst listening to Shinsei Inazuma Japan's team selsection, he was shocked that he wasn't chosen for the team's goalkeeper, instead Ibuki Munemasa from Gassan Kunimitsu was chosen. Still, Shinsuke kept on supporting Tenma. Later in the series, it is revealed he will join Earth Eleven, the representative team of Earth. He is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.

Takuto Shindō

Takuto Shindō (神童 拓人 Shindō Takuto?), known as Riccardo Di Rigo in the English dub, is a Midfilder. He is the captain of the Raimon Eleven team in Inazuma Eleven GO. He has wavy greyish-brown hair and brown eyes. He was a pessimistic boy and who is easy to upset or irritate, and is shown to cry a lot due to frustration. Despite this, he takes soccer very seriously and cares a lot about his team. He is a pianist, and the majority of his hissatsu techniques are based on music. He is close friends with Ranmaru Kirino and gets along well with Taichi Sangoku. At first, he did not liked Tenma because Tenma believed soccer was fun but Shindo's will had somewhat faded because of Fifth Sector's orders, but he eventually gets it back.He felt responsible when Coach Kudou was fired after he disobeyed for the first time and score a goal when Raimon was to lose 3-0, he even left the team but eventually Tenma was able to make him return. He was the first to disobey, taking side with the team's first years, Tenma and Shinsuke, and winning the first match of the Holy Road with help from Sangoku Taichi. He helped Tenma to get over his guilt about Fifth Sector's decision to destroy rebellious schools and his shock over learning Ishido Shuji had saved him by soothing his fears and playing soccer with him. In episode 39 he collapses and it is revealed in the next episode that his leg is broken even though he recovers, after the finals. He decided with their coach Endou Mamoru that Tenma should be captain in his absence. During the match against Dragronlink, he came to the terrain and encouraged Tenma to play his soccer. He was happy when Raimon won. He was able to return to Raimon team in episode 45. His hissatsu techniques are Fortíssimo and Presto Turn. He also attempted to do Ultimate Thunder with his teammates (but eventually Kyousuke Tsurugi did it istead. He has an kenshin (avatar) named Sousha Maestro (musician Maestro). His kenshin shoot is Harmonics.Later on when Raimon time-travelled to Sengoku Era, he mixi-maxed with Oda Nobunaga and gained Setsuna Boost(Spilt-Second Boost). During the Ragnarok Tournament, he became the captain of El Dorado Team 02, in which he considered himself failing for being a captain, he was able to involve his original tatic: Kami no Takuto(God's Baton) into Kami no Takuto FI(God's Baton Fire Illusion) in order to suit Alpha, Beta, Gamma and other fellow El Dorado players' playing style. In Galaxy, him, Tenma and Tsurugi were the only chosen members for Shinsei Inazuma Japan, and he was angry that all eight other members do not really know how to play soccer. He is shown to be not on good term with other eight members, especially Ibuki, the team's goalkeeper, while Shindo regarded himself as the stopper of the shoots, not Ibuki. he also developed Einsatz, a block hissatsu, during the match with Fire Dragon. He is voiced by Saiga Mitsuki. In the movie, he shares a move called Joker Rains with Tsurugi and does Evolution with both Tsurugi and Tenma. He has a character song with Kirino called "Ashita no Field" (Tomorrow's field) and a "Yuuki no Harmony" (Harmony of Courage)

Ranmaru Kirino

Ranmaru Kirino (霧野 蘭丸 Kirino Ranmaru?), known as Gabriel Garcia in the English dub, is a Defender. He is a feminine boy who is said to often get mistaken for a girl due to his girlish appearance and graceful movements. He was the fifth member of Raimon to participate in the revolution. He is generally in a good mood and tries to comfort others when needed. His hissatsu techniques are The Mist and Deep Mist . He is close friends with Takuto Shindō and Taichi Sangoku. He has difficulties with Kariya Masaki, mostly because of Kariya's tricky nature but they work well together. In Chrono Stone, in starts to feel envy of Shindou Takuto, since they were friends in primary school and played soccer together since then, but now, Shindou was strong. He had Oda Nobunanga and gained a Mixi Maxed and had Kenshin Armed. Due to that, he wanted to get stronger too and was able to gain a kenshin in episode 22, Seishiki Brynhilder and gets Mix Max with Jeanne d'Arc, gaining La Flamme, and also gets Kenshin Armed in Episode 45, revealing he is fit to be part of the strongest eleven as a defender that stir his team's heart up. He got along quite well with Jeanne d'Arc. He has a character song with Shindou called "Ashita no Field " (Tomorrow's field) and " B.E.L.I.E.V.E.". He is voiced by Yū Kobayashi.

Taichi Sangoku

Taichi Sangoku (三国 太一 Sangoku Taichi?), known as Samguk Han in the English dub, is a Goalkeeper. He has a determined personality and has been playing soccer since he was very young. He is also helpful around his home and buys supplies when his mother is out. His hissatsu techniques are based on earth, and he gets along well with Takuto Shindō. His techniques are Burning Catch, Fence of Gaia and towards the end of Chrono stone, True god hand X (later evolved to supreme), he also develops Burai Hand in the movie that reappears in Chrono stone. He is voiced by Kensuke Satou.

Kyōsuke Tsurugi

Kyōsuke Tsurugi (剣城 京介 Tsurugi Kyōsuke?), known as Victor Blade in the English dub, is a Forward. He is first shown to be very hostile towards soccer and any of its players, despite being able to play exceptionally well. He was originally the captain of the Black Knights (黒の騎士団 Kuro no Kishidan?), but later joined the Raimon Eleven team. He hates soccer due to an accident involving it causing his brother, Yūichi Tsurugi, to lose the ability to use his legs. He joined Fifth Sector with on the agreement that they would pay for the expensive surgery needed for his brother's legs to be fixed. Eventually he does become calmer, as shown when he stopped Isosaki, captain of Bannousaka team from trying to break Tenma Matsukaze's legs, which made him think of his brother, unable to play. He eventually switched side and became a true member of Raimon. He was the sixth player to join the rebellion in Raimon even though he definitely sided with them only during the match against Teikoku. He has a strong rivalry with Takuto Shindō. He is not very talkative, talking only when it is needed and it is usually useful. He does not like to be involved with other but he did admit his brother he gets along with his teammates. While he hated Tenma when he met him, due to their opposite view of soccer (he was there to make sure Fifth Sector's orders would be followed and Tenma rejected the fact Fifth Sector could control soccer), they are on good terms. Tsurugi looked after him from far when Tenma was feeling down and left training to go on a walk where he met Yukka (Julia Blaze) who made him met with Ishido Shuji, he stayed far. He went to Ishido Shuji after he left Tenma and told him he knew he was Gouenji Shuya (Axel Blaze) and asked him a favor. He came up with Fire Tornado Double Drive and asked Tenma to train with him on this techniques. He helped both Tenma and Shinsuke summoning their avatar. His techniques are Death Sword and Death Drop. He has an avatar named Kensei Lancelot and his avatar shoots are Lost Angel. His avatar can create an Avatar Fusion with Shindo's and Tenma's: Matei Gryphon.He has a character song with Yuuichi called "Onaji Yume wo Miteru"(Sharing the Same Dream). Later on he will mixi-max with Okita Sōji and gain Kiku Ichimonji. He is voiced by Takashi Ōhara. In the movie 'Ultimate Gryphon Bonds', he does Joker Rains with Shindou and Evolution with both Shindou and Tenma.

Yūichi Tsurugi

Yūichi Tsurugi (剣城 優一 Tsurugi Yūichi?), known as Vladimir Blade in the English dub, is the older brother of Kyōsuke Tsurugi. He is shown to have a kind and caring personality, and cares a lot about his brother; he generally tries to tell him that his broken legs weren't Kyōsuke's fault and that he should stop showing hostility towards soccer, however Kyōsuke refuses to listen. He worried about his brother's apparently depressive mood and eventually learn about his deal with Fifth Sector so he would get the operation for his legs. He was angry at him and send him off. He was happy that Kyosuke chose to help his team and teased him about the possibility Tenma might took his place in the team if he was not careful. In episode 41 someone offers the money for his operation so would be able to walk and play soccer again, making him and his brother happy. He is very supportive of his brother. He watched the finals. He played soccer with Kyōsuke a lot when they were younger, and admires Gōenji Shūya.He has a character song with Kyosuke called "Onaji Yume wo Miteru"(Sharing the Same Dream).He is voiced by Maeno Tomoaki.

Atsushi Minamisawa

Atsushi Minamisawa ((南沢 篤志) Minamisawa Atsushi?) is a Forward. He is a calm and narcissistic boy who only plays soccer to get better grades, and regards Tenma Matsukaze as an annoying and clueless boy. He ends up quitting in episode 11, surprising and upsetting most of the team, especially Kurama, whom he got along well with. He later joins Gassan Kunimitsu in the Holy Road National. His hissatsu techniques are Sonic Shot. He is voiced by Yūki Kaji.

Norihito Kurama

Norihito Kurama (倉間 典人 Kurama Norihito?), known as Michael Ballzack in the English dub, is a Forward. He is short, has dark skin, light blue hair and black eyes. He has a condescending attitude and likes to pick on Tenma Matsukaze. As the series goes on, he starts to hate Tenma more and more, and blamed him for Atsushi Minamisawa leaving the team. Like Minamisawa, he also says that he only plays soccer to get better grades. However he seems to care about the team more. He eventually reconcilied with the thought of the revolution and Tenma though he still pick on him occasionally. Like Shindou, he tries to do Ultimate Thunder with his teammates (but again like Shindou is unable to complete it). His hissatsu techniques are Sidewinder. He is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki.

Tsurumasa Hayami

Tsurumasa Hayami (速水 鶴正 Hayami Tsurumasa?) is a Midfielder. A tall and lanky player who is very pessimistic and always expects the worst. He rarely smiles or shows any sign of happiness, and seems scared of the consequences certain actions might cause. Despite all this, he does enjoy fishing. At first he was very scared of the consequences of the revolution, and thought it was not possible for them to win but after some time he began to be less pessimistic and more cheerful, believing in their goal. His hissatsu technique is Zeroyon He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino.

Kaiji Hamano

Kaiji Hamano (浜野 海士 Hamano Kaiji?) is a Midfielder. He has a bright and outgoing personality, and tends to get along well with most of his peers. Like Tsurumasa Hayami, he enjoys fishing when he isn't playing soccer. His hissatsu techniques are Naminori Piero. He is voiced by Jun Konno.

Gōichi Kurumada

Gōichi Kurumada (車田剛一 Kurumada Gōichi?) is a Defender. He is very physical and irritable, and doesn't get discouraged easily. He is good at encouraging the team. His hisstasu technique are Dash Train. He is voiced by Hirofumi Nojima.

Daichi Amagi

Daichi Amagi (天城大地 Amagi Daichi?) is a Defender. He is large and has a quick temper, especially towards things that seem unjustifiable. His hissatsu techniques are Viva! The Great Wall of China and Atlantis Wall. He is voiced by Nara Tōru.

Masaki Kariya

Masaki Kariya (狩屋 正樹 Karia Masaki?)Known as Aitor Cazador in the dub. He is a Defender. He has brown eyes and light teal hair near shoulder length. He is somewhat mischievous, and, according to Hitomiko Kira, he was sent to her father's orphanage by the age of eleven. His parents were broke because their money was all lost to deceitful people, which made it difficult for Kariya to trust others. He clashed with Ranmaru Kirino because he actually told him he was a SEED but it was a lie just to annoy him, they were eventually able to play together. In Chrono Stone he was chosen to go in 1427 to meet Jeanne d'Arc but he feigned a stomach ache and gave his place to Kirino, whom he knows felt some jealousy about Shindou becoming stronger without him. Previously he had been brainwashed to dislike soccer by soccer as well as all Raimon members that did not have a keshin, he came back after Beta annulated the effect of the sphere device. He tends to be very tricky but is not good at naming hissatsu. His hissatsu technique is Hunter's Net. He also does Kattobi Defense with Shinsuke. He has a character song with Kageyama called "Houkago Chemistry". He is voiced by Yūki Tai in Japanese Version.

Kageyama Hikaru

Kageyama Hikaru(影山輝 Hikaru Kageyama), known as Hikaru Dark in the English dub, is a forward. Hikaru has short yet, bluish-purple hair and black eyes which have a white spot and a brown spot at each bottom corner. He has fair skin. His hair sometimes look like a crab pincer. When he first joins raimon, he hesitates to tell his first name because Kageyama(his first name) is a name used by Reiji Kageyama in the previous inazuma eleven series who was notorious for being dangerous and his evil actions. Hikaru is soon revealed to be Reiji's nephew. But his love to soccer makes him a great forward. His hissatsu technique is Extend Zone. He has a character song with Kariya called "Houkago Chemistry ".

Nishiki Ryoma

Nishiki Ryouma (錦龍馬 Ryouma Nishiki) is a midfielder and a forward for Raimon. He has black hair that is long and tied with a blue pony tail. He has dark brown eyes. He is taller compared to most of the Raimon members. He has dark skin and large eyebrows. He was an ace striker in Raimon before Tsurugi. Because of his great ability, he is recruited by the Italian Pro teenager league. There, he changes his formation to a midfielder. He is taught by Someoka Rugo and learns to use keshin in Italy. After he arrived and joined Raimon, Someoka once comes to see his game and gives riceballs which are his favorite food. He often teases Midori Seto. His hissatsu techniques are Denrai Houtou and Acrobat Keep. His keshin is Sengoku Bunshin Musashi and his keshin hissatsu techniques is Bushin Renzan. Later on he will mixi-max with Sakamoto Ryōma and gain Kuroshio Ride. He is voiced by Ryo Iwasaki.

Aoi Sorano

Aoi Sorano (空野 葵 Sorano Aoi?) is a Manager. She is a friendly and helpful person, and likes to encourage the soccer team. She is close friends with Tenma Matsukaze, Shinsuke Nishizono, Midori Seto, and Akane Yamana. She is voiced by Sayaka Kitahara.

Midori Seto

Midori Seto (瀬戸 水鳥 Seto Midori?) is a Manager. She is strict and determined, but still kind. She likes to encourage the soccer team, particularly Tenma Matsukaze. She has known Ryoma Nishiki since seventh grade. She is voiced by Mina.

Akane Yamana

Akane Yamana (山菜 茜 Yamana Akane?) is a Manager. She is a cute girl who is friendly and peaceful, and is almost always shown to be happy. She has a liking for taking pictures and her voice is very quiet. She is a huge fan of Takuto Shindō; she always tries to take pictures of him whenever he's near her and also refers to him as "Shin-sama". She is voiced by Yurin.

Fei Rune

Fei Rune (フェイルーン Fei Rune?) is a character that appears in the second season of Go, Chrono Stone. He has light turquoise/ green hair and eyes. Fei came from 200 years forward to save soccer from El Dorado's plan of destruction. He is a part of Second Stage Children, apparently an organization made up with the descendants of talented soccer players, and seen as dangerous by El Dorado. He can create Dupli, avatar that can fill up a team, however it is exhausting. When he was young, he was abandoned by his father(his mother, Kinako died giving birth to him), which is also a reason why he never use his Keshin(Avatar), Kousoku Toushi Robin(Light Speed Fighter Robin), which resembled a doll his father sent him. He can mixi max with a tyrannosaurus at which point his hair becomes pink, his eyes red and his skin tanned, doing so also gins him Kodai no Kiba(Ancient Fangs). Not much is known of him but he is well aware of El Dorado's plans and that he is actually not in their data base. Later on he will mixi-max again, this time with a young, blue dinosaur (probably an abelisaurid) named Big, and gain Ouja no Kiba(Fang of the King). In the Ragnarok Tournament,he is originally a midfielder of El Dorado Team 01,but became the captain of Garu(a team of Feida)after SARU(Saryuu Evans) revived his memories as a Second Stage Children.He eventually returned to Raimon and joined Chrono Storm,a team made up with 11 people with the aura of the strongest eleven in history,which later defeated The Lagoon.Fei also learnt that Kinako is his mother,and reunited with her through time-travelling for the last time. He is voiced by Akiko Kimura.

Saryuu Evan

Saryuu Evan (サリュー・エヴァン or simply known as SARU, which is his codename?) is the leader of Feida, an organization for Second Stage Children, who are regarded as terrifying with their special power. As they are descendants of talented soccer player, El Dorado decided to eliminate soccer in present in order to prevent their appearances in the future. SARU is notable for having a similar look of Tenma, and has violet eyes and white, spiky hair. In the past, he eliminated Fei's memories, but revived them later to bring Fei back to Feida. His team, The Lagoon, confronted Chrono Storm, and was defeated. SARU eventually realized that he has friend alongside him (especially Meia and Griris who joined his team, and helped him to get up when he collapsed). SARU became a friend of Tenma and agreed to take up the vaccine to change the other Second Stage Children back to normal.

Hayato Matatagi

Hayato Matatagi (瞬木 隼人 Matatagi Hayato?) is a Forward for Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven, who was formerly a member of Kaiou Gakuen's athletics club before joining the soccer club and he is new to soccer.[1] He joined FFI V2(Football Frontier International Vision 2) under the contract that he could afford the money to buy his family a big house.[2] As shown in the exhibition match with Teikoku Gakuen, he has a speed that surpassed Tenma. When he was younger, his father left his family and his mother was ill and therefore was unable to work. His two younger brothers, Yuuta and Shun, stole food because of their hungers. To protect his brother, Matatagi took up the blame, and therefore the people around him no longer trust him.[3] He also seemed to conceal a dark side, as he also does not trust people easily. His first hissatsu debuted in episode 7, which is a shoot: Parkour Attack. He is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa.

Sakura Nozaki

Sakura Nozaki (野咲 さくら Nozaki Sakura?) is a Midfielder for Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven, who was formerly a member of Oumihara Junior High's rhythm gymnastics club before joining the soccer club and she is new to soccer.[1] She joined FFI V2(Football Frontier International Vision 2) under the contract of studying abroad with the best gymnastics team.[2] It was revealed that Sakura was under high pressure from her parents because they want her to be the best. Sakura therefore always tries to stand out, and may at some points, even hurt people to show off herself.[4] After the match with Big Waves, she learnt the importance of teamwork within soccer and aimed for herself to become the world's best with her teammates. She is voiced by Aya Endō.

Ryūji Kusaka

Ryūji Kusaka (九坂 隆二 Kusaka Ryūji?) is a Midfielder for Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven. He is new to soccer.[1] He was mentioned to be a delinquent being expelled from five schools before. As mentioned by Manabe, when he was younger, he was a child who didn't usually dare to start a fight or go in a flare, but when he was trying to save a girl he called Sato-chan, he was beaten up by three bullies and was unable to defend Sato. Therefore he started developing his aggressive side.[5] His first hissatsu is Kyoubou Head.

Jinichirō Manabe

Jinichirō Manabe (真名部 陣一郎 Manabe Jinichirō?) is a Defender for Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven. He is new to soccer, but is very good at mathematics and usually speak with number and other terms alike. Like Minaho, he is not athletic and usually tire out easily. However, during the match with Big Waves, he accidentally scored a goal with a light flip. He also usually give out information about others, but few things were known about him, except that Mizukawa mentioned that he won the Japan's superhuman computation contest.[1] It was revealed later that Manabe's parents forced Manabe to study so much, to the point that Manabe felt controlled and had not freedom around his parents. His reason for joining Shinsei Inazuma Japan is to get away from his parents and live alone.[6] However, after hearing Minaho's background story, he understood that it's actually good to have a father-a target-in his life, and inspired his block hissatsu, Defense Houteishiki (Defense Equation) He is voiced by Hirofumi Nojima.

Shin Tetsukado

Shin Tetsukado (鉄角 真 Tetsukado Shin?) is a Defender for Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven, who was formerly a boxer before joining the soccer club and he is new to soccer.[1] He joined FFI V2(Football Frontier International Vision 2) under the contract of gaining the money to repair his family's fishing boat.[2] His hands were injured when he was fending off a robber to help the robbed lady; his right hand was hit by a metal pole.[7] Therefore he quitted boxing. He is voiced by Yūki Tai.

Konoha Morimura

Konoha Morimura (森村 好葉 Morimura Konoha?) is a Defender for Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven. She is new to soccer.[1] She is timid and gets scared easily, and she is shown to have compassion and love for animals, occasionally talking and taking care of them.[8] Her first block hissatsu is Konoha Roll(Leaves Roll). She is voiced by Aoi Yūki.

Kazuto Minaho

Kazuto Minaho (皆帆 和人 Minaho Kazuto?) is a Defender for Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven. He is new to soccer. He likes observing people and predict their actions. Like Manabe, he is not athletic and usually tires out easily. He also presents some information but few things are known about him, except that Mizukawa mentinos that his father is a detective.[1] He also admires his father very much, leading to the arguments and tensions between him and Manabe. However, later on he revealed that his father died when he was young, thus he lost his target for life, inspiring Manabe.[9] He also used his first hissatsu in the same episode: Trace Press. He is voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga.

Munemasa Ibuki

Munemasa Ibuki (井吹 宗正 Ibuki Munemasa?) is the Goalkeeper for Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven, who was formerly a basketball player before joining Gassan Kunimitsu Junior High's soccer club and he is new to soccer.[1] He joined FFI V2(Football Frontier International Vision 2) under the contract of studying abroad with the best basketball team.[2] He was shown to be a passionate member in learning soccer. Since Shindō and him both argued for being the one to stop the opponent's shoots, they are generally not in good term with each other. In episode 7, his catch hissatsu, Wild Dunk debuted. He is voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

Minori Mizukawa

Minori Mizukawa (水川みのり Mizukawa Minori?) is the manager of Shinsei Inazuma Japan, along with Aoi. She is shown to be silent most of the time. It was unknown which school she is from. She is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki.


Potomuri (ポトムリ Potomuri?) is a mysterious clown-like character. He always has discussions about Kuroiwa's Shinsei Inazuma Japan, and often argue why he has so much confidence about the team. His origin is currently unknown. He is voiced by Shinichirō Miki.

Ryūsei Kuroiwa

Ryūsei Kuroiwa (黒岩流星 Kuroiwa Ryūsei?) is the coach for Shinsei Inazuma Japan. He is shown to be a very mysterious old man with unknown origins and unknown accomplishments. He was supported by Goūenji and a few others in the soccer association to be coach of Shinsei Inazuma Japan and do the team member selection.


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